Who we are

Now back in 1992  Mr Stanimir Vujanac turned his many years engineering experience into private business and founded in Kragujevac, on 05 october company “IC” Inzenjering d.o.o which later grown up in real family company able to commend in these crisis times with development and success in business.

Today, owner is son of first founder, Phd of technical science Rodoljub Vujanac and manager is dipl. Engineer Dejan Maksimovic. Both mechanical engineers, with licences for design and works in area of storage and material handling equipment. As a recipe for successfull business stands  serious approach to every job and project, same treatment of every business partner and above all respecting contract obligations.

In the past 25 years in IC Inzenjering was achieved unity of experience,theory and praxis but also the youth. Also, very important is  constant improvment and monitoring modern achivements in area of companies interest.This company has been adjusted on time to all  valid standards   in EU, which is sign of further plans in development and anouncement of step forward on those markets.

Headquarters is in Divostin near Kragujevac, where are new premises finished in year 2014.

What is expected in IC Inzenjering, and influencing not only theirs but also development of other companies in Serbia is final stabilization of business conditions and environment which will allow revival of industry, first of all through expanding production, which will mean new investment and all that will be possible in stable political conditions and bigger inflow of fresh investments.


"IC" inženjering d.o.o.

Divostin b.b.
34204 Kragujevac
Republika Srbija
Tel.: +381 (0) 34 501 145
Tel/Fax: +381 (0) 34 501 504

e-mail: office@icinzenjering.com
skype: ic.inzenjering